Adhesives Research

Glazing Tapes

The Adhesives Research ARclad glazing tape product line is comprised of several product tiers designed to meet the varying needs of window manufacturers.

The ARclad 2000 Series (Rubber), the ARclad 3000 Series (Acrylic) and the ARclad 4000 Series (Acrylic) double-sided foam glazing tapes feature high-tack, high-strength adhesives. These PSAs are ideally suited for sealing glass in wood, vinyl and aluminum framing systems.  Reliable quality and more than 25 years of field history enable manufacturers to use ARclad glazing tapes with confidence.

The ARclad 8000 Series of next generation glazing tapes combine a high performance acrylic adhesive with a strong, pliable foam carrier for superior bonding performance in the field.

Muntin Mounting Tape

For more than 15 years, Adhesives Research ARclad 8626 u0026amp; ARclad 8645 double-coated PSA foam muntin mounting tapes have offered a solvent-free alternative for adhering wood, painted aluminum, and PVC-extruded muntin bars to simulated divided light (SDL) windows and doors.  They provide a reliable, cost-effective solution for residential window manufacturers and help reduce application time and cost.

Benefits of ARclad 8626 u0026amp; ARclad 8645 Muntin Mounting Tapes:

  • Consistent thickness
  • UV-Resistant adhesive also withstands exposure to common household cleaners
  • Compensate for thermal expansion u0026amp; contraction
  • Available in gray, white u0026amp; black
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