In construction, a building or structure is waterproofed with the use of membranes and coatings to protect contents underneath or within, as well as protecting structural integrity.

The conventional systems used in waterproofing involve membranes that rely on the application of one or more layers that act as a barrier between the water and the building structure, preventing the passage of water. The membrane system relies on specific application procedures. Problems with application or adherence to the substrate can lead to leakage. Waterproofing should not be confused with roofing, as roofing cannot withstand hydrostatic head, and waterproofing can.

Waterproofing systems we distribute:

Cold Applied Polyurethane Waterproof Membranes  like the Tremco Tremproof 250GC modified Polyurethane membrane that can be applied to damp and green concrete.  Another product is the BASF Master Seal HLM-5000 bitumen modified polyurethane elastomeric waterproof membrane. Poly-Tuff has the Terra-Shield line of urethane polyurea waterproofing membranes.  The Poly-Tuff Terra-Shield WC-100 is a high solids, water curable liquid applied, bitumen modified, urethane polyurea.

Hot Rubber  For the popular hot rubber applications, we offer the Tremco Tremproof 6100 (formerly American Permaquik 6100) one-part, 100% solids, hot-applied, rubberized asphalt, hot rubber waterproof membrane

Bentonite/HDPE sheets  we offer the Paraseal Bentonite/HDPE sheet membrane.

Spray Applied Waterproofing  such as the Tremco Tremproof 260 and the Tremdrain QSP (Quick Set Panel).

Drainage Composites, Protection Courses and Filter Fabrics- these are for drainage of foundation and retaining walls, heavy duty pedestrian and vehicular traffic, patios and plaza deck, as well as green roof and landscape drainage systems.  These products include many from the Tremco Tremdrain line, including the Tremco Tremdrain 1000, Tremco Tremdrain 2000, Tremco Tremdrain S, Tremco Tremdrain GS, Tremco Tremdrain TotalDrain.  We also sell the Polyguard of drainage mat and composites, including: J-Drain 200, J-Drain 220, J-Drain 400, J-Drain 420, J-Drain 700, J-Drain 720, J-Drain 990, J-Drain SWD, and J-Drain GRS

Crystalline Waterproofing  The Tremco Permaquik Crystalline Capillary waterproofing formulations are proprietary blends of chemicals, quarts, sand and cement.  These include the Permaquik 200 slurry coat and the Permaquik 300 mortar.

Waterstops Here are some of the various types of waterstops that we provide:

The Tremco Paraseal Superstop multiple composite waterstops which contain the strength and toughness of conventional waterstops with the self-sealing ability of bentonite.

Mechanical Waterstops- these are embedded across and along the joint to create a diaphragm.  These include the Greenstreak PVC, Greenstreak Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) and Greenstreak Neoprene Waterstops. One other type is the Greenstreak Stainless Steel waterstop.

Hydrophilic Waterstops are applied in and along the joint.  Water exposure induces the material to create a compression seal.  These include the Greenstreak Hydrotite and Swellstop.

Mastic Waterstops use a primer adhesive in and along the joint to create a self-sealing moisture barrier.  Greenstreak Lockstop is one of these

Fuko Injection Waterstops provide a conduit for injection joints with microfine cement or injection resins to ensure zero leak tolerance.

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