MFM Building Products, founded in 1961 by Robert E. Simpson, offers the construction industry nearly 50 years of knowledge and expertise in providing waterproofing and weather barrier products. From humble beginnings, this family-owned company has continued to grow and foster new product development, improved product performance and help reduce overall costs with a value-based philosophy.

MFM Product Quality
Each of our products are tested and retested to ensure that they exceed your expectations for performance and reliability. Our in-house testing facility and strict manufacturing practices are focused on providing our customers with a consistent product, pallet after pallet, box after box.

MFM Commitment to Lowering Costs
At MFM, we continually investigate more effective materials or manufacturing procedures to keep our costs as low as possible. One way to provide our customers with the highest value is by making our products easy to apply or install. Eliminating additional steps or procedures can significantly lower your labor and material costs.

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