A firestop is a passive fire protection system of various components used to seal openings and joints in fire-resistance rated wall and/or floor assemblies, based on fire testing and certification listings.  For over 20 years we have developed the firestopping industry with the STI (Specified Technologies, Inc.) line of firestop products.  They have proven to be the industry leader in U.L. tested firestop systems, along with innovative labor savings systems and products.

Unprotected openings in fire separations void the fire-resistance ratings of the fire separations that contain them, allowing spread of fire past the limits of the fire safety plan of the entire building. Firestops are designed to restore the fire-resistance ratings of rated wall and/or floor assemblies by impeding the spread of fire through the opening by filling the openings with fire resistant materials.

A common misunderstanding of firestops is that certain materials have certain ratings on their own. For instance, a two-hour rated pipe penetration firestop may consist of a 1/4″ layer of caulking, over top of 2″ of packed rockwool. The layman may assume that the 1/4″ of the caulking provides a two hour fire-resistance rating, generically, regardless of the application, which is incorrect. Materials are not individually rated. Instead, they are used as components within an overall system or certification listing. In addition, all materials in and around the firestop must employ listing and approval use and compliance to conform to the tolerances shown in the certification listing that covers each such installation, including the penetrants, which may have their own product certification requirements apart from forming part of a certification listing for a firestop.

Please allow us to take away the common headaches in figuring out how to firestop your building properly. Whether you have a simple membrane penetration or complex head-of-wall firestopping, we can advise you, train you, do your submittals and make your job more profitable.

In one way or another we work with or are connected with all of the following:  FICA (Firestop International Contractors Association), IFC (International Firestop Council), ANSI (American National Standards Institute), ASTM (American Standard for Testing and Materials), AIA (American Institute of Architects, ICBO (International Council of Building Officials) and UL (Underwriters’ Laboratory).  We look forward to helping you on your project

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