Formerly: Sonneborn, Master Builders, Hydrozo, Thoro

The MasterSeal product family, under the Master Builders Solutions brand from BASF is a leading supplier of high-performance waterproofing and sealant products that safeguard structures from the ingression of unwanted water, moisture and environmental contaminants.

BASF joint sealants are designed using high performance elastomers to create a tenacious bond to a variety of substrates to ensure protection and weatherproofing during even the most aggressive conditions. BASF joint sealants durably resist water and exposure to a variety of chemicals, protecting the integrity of the structure, even in high movement and moisture environments.

BASF deck membrane and overlay solutions are liquid-applied, high performance membranes that offer long-lasting protection from harsh environments, weatherproofing and beautifying structures. These products are designed to provide durability and a quick turnaround to meet the needs of each application.

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