CHORlastic Silicone Foam Rubber

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These are high performance silicone rubber products. Their unique chemical structure gives them a high temperature stability and general inertness.  These product include the following:

Saint-Gobain COHRlastic Silicone Solid Rubberclick for data

• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic 300-700 series- specification grade sheet goods
• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic 9030-9070 specification grade yard goods
• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic 9235-9275 high performance grade (high tear strength resistant grade
• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic EC102 Electrically conductive grade

Saint-Gobain COHRlastic Reinforced Solid Rubberclick for data

• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic CF3320- general purpose solid silicone rubber.
• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic CF4032- thin solid silicone rubber
• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic CF4050- thin solid silicone rubber
• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic CF4420- solid silicone rubber with temperature resistance up to 400°F (204° C) and pressures up to 500 psi
• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic CF4444- increased temperature resistance up to 400°F (204° C) and pressures up to 1000 psi
• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic CF4451- custom product offering designed to bleed static in application;
• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic CF4480- our most reversion resistant silicone compound designed for temperature resistance up to 600°F (315°C ) and pressure up to 1000 psi
• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic R10450- closed cell sponge on both sides of fiberglass fabric for cushioning and dust and moisture resistant gasketing applications

Saint-Gobain COHRlastic Silicone closed cell Spongeclick for data

• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic R10470 closed cell silicone sponge
• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic R10480 closed cell silicone sponge has low compression set
• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic R10460 closed cell silicone sponge is flame retardant
• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic 10450 closed cell silicone sponge has fiberglass reinforcement
• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic R10490 fluorosilicone sponge rubber
• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic R10404 closed cell silicone sponge is great for heat sinks and printed circuit boards.

Saint-Gobain COHRlastic Strip-N-Stick Silicone Tapeclick for data

• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic 100S-Closed Cell with silicone adhesive
• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic 200A-Closed cell silicone tape with acrylic adhesive
• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic 300AR- fiberglass-supported closed cell sponge with acrylic adhesive
• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic 440S- soft solid silicone rubber with silicone adhesive
• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic 440A-soft solid silicone rubber with acrylic adhesive.
• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic 512AF- soft flame retardant silicone foam with acrylic adhesive.
• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic Silicone Foam Rubber
• Saint-Gobain COHRlastic F-12 Silicone Foam This has a UL94V-0 listing and can withstand a 2100 degree flame for more than 10 minutes.  The COHRlastic F-12 Silicone foam is low density and flame retardant.  Click here for F-12 data only

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