Bonding and Mounting Tapes

Polyurethane Bonding u0026amp; Mounting Tapes

Norton NORMOUNT® polyurethane tapes combine a high-density polyurethane foam substrate with high-performance acrylic adhesive on both sides.  The foam substrate absorbs stress and distributes stress forces over the entire bond line.  Available in black, gray, white and off-white colors, NORMOUNT® polyurethane tapes excel in applications requiring high shear and tensile performance.

Applications : Trailer roof bows – Appliance emblems and nameplates –  Retail packaging –  Wire and cable mounts –  Signs and nameplates –  Tiles and panels – Panel stiffeners

Acrylic Bonding u0026amp; Mounting Tapes Normount

Norton NORMOUNT® acrylic foam tapes are engineered with a 100% acrylic core and feature a high–performance adhesive system for a wide range of applications.  The acrylic polymer core offers proven history of long-term, high-performance bonding.  NORMOUNT® acrylic foam tapes are designed for applications with high joint movement.  Unlike mechanical fasteners, the viscoelastic substrates distribute the stress across the entire bond area.  This results in higher bond strength and assures long-term performance.

Applications : Bus, truck and trailer skin –  Automotive aftermarket trims –  Window decorations – Panels – Panel stiffener bars – Security glass lamination – Bath and shower hardware – Exterior building cladding

Benefits:  Easier to handle, won’t run or sag – Pre-sized to fit the joint – Create a superior seal with required compression for air, vapor, moisture, water, dirt and sound –  Able to dampen vibration –  Clean to use, eliminating the need for harsh solvents to clean up excess sealant – Economical – surface preparation is minimal, installation is faster, waste is reduced – Long shelf life – Excellent weathering characteristics

3M VHB Cross Reference page 

PVC Gasketing Materials

Norton NORSEAL® gaskets are offered in a wide range of thicknesses, widths and compressibility values. Each one is engineered to solve a range of needs and are available with or without adhesive.


Select a soft foam product to seal thin-gauge materials and irregular surfaces, and to provide an acoustical barrier.

NORTON NORSEAL – Medium Foams:

Select a medium-grade foam for most common air and water seals.


Select a firm foam for higher compression and good abrasion resistance

PVC Foam Tape Cross Reference Page


NORTON NORSEAL – Glazing Tapes:

Saint-Gobain brings decade of experience to the glazing industry. This closed-cell foam tape with high-performance adhesive is ideal for sealing glass into framing systems.

Thermalbond Structural Spacer Tape:

Designed for use in structural glazing systems in which the tape is in direct contact with the silicone.  It temporarily fastens the glass to the silicone.  The vapor permeable open-cell structural of the urethane foam allows for fast curing of the silicone.  It is also used for attaching stiffener bars to ACM or aluminum sheet panels.

Other Norton Foams and Products:

  • Norton AGP200 Foam:

    • Alkyl Grafted Polymer – provides outstanding performance characteristics.
  • COHRlastic Silicone Products:

    • High performance silicone rubber products. Their unique chemical structure gives them a high temperature stability and general inertness.  These product include the following:
      • Saint-Gobain COHRlastic Silicone Solid Rubber has the 300-700 series, COHRlastic 9030-9070 u0026amp; 9200.
        Reinforced Solid Rubber like the COHRlastic CF3320, CF4032, CF4050, CF4420, CF4444, CF4451 u0026amp; CF4480
        Silicone closed cell Sponge –  like the COHRlastic R10470, COHRlastic R10480 has low compression set, COHRlastic R10460 is flame retardant, COHRlastic 10450 silicone has fiberglass reinforcement, COHRlastic R10490 fluorosilicone sponge rubber, R10404 closed-cell silicone is great for heat sinks and printed circuit boards.
        Strip-N-Stick Silicone Tape- it’s easy to apply with an acrylic or silicone adhesive. The COHRlastic Strip-N-Stick comes in the 100S, 200A, 300AR, 440S, 440A and 512AF
        COHRlastic F-12 Silicone Foam This has a UL94V-0 listing and can withstand a 2100 degree flame for more than 10 minutes.  The COHRlastic F-12 Silicone foam is low density and flame retardant.
  • DYNAFOAM Foam-In-Place Gasket:

    • Our technology from Saint-Gobain is based on mono-component Polyurethane (PUR) chemistry.
  • Norton EZ Clad:

    • Polyurethane u0026amp; Acrylic bonding tape for Architectural Panels. These include the EZ Clad EZA 1000 and the EZ Clad EZU 3000
  • Green Glue Noiseproof Material:

    • Noise proofing compound, clips, sealant and joist tapes.
  • KOREL Micro-Cellular Polyurethane Foam:

    • Ideal for a variety of gasketing and energy absorption needs. KOREL® micro-cellular polyurethane foams are categorized by degree of deflection force. By varying the modulus and density, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics has developed a series of high-performance foam materials that meet the demands of design engineers in today’s market.  KOREL® offers excellent compression set resistance and high resiliency that ensures the seal will not break down over extended use. This outward force helps maintain air, dust and water seals in a variety of conditions.  The KOREL® line of cushioning foam is ideal for controlling unwanted energy. These special formulations protect sensitive components by dampening shock, dissipating motion and isolating vibration.The Saint-Gobain Korel line comes in the K20, K30, K30-Thin-Soft, K40 and K60 products.
    • Polyurethane Foam Cross Reference Page

  • LO-SKID High Density Traction Foam:

    • High-density urethane foam recommended for bumpers and footpads. LO-SKID is an advanced formulation, high-density urethane foam widely recommended for bumpers and footpads for appliances and electronic products. LO-SKIDTM provides a high coefficient of surface friction combined with a smooth, non-marring surface. It is flexible, can be easily die-cut, and is available uncoated or with an acrylic adhesive on one side.  Products- Lo-Skid LS700 and Lo-Skid LS7100
  • NOREX u0026amp; NORPRENE Foam Extrusion

    • Custom extruded foam profiles offering a number of features specifically designed to enhance user productivity.
  • NORTON CST Comfort and Silence Tape

    • Norton CST “Comfort and Silence Tape” is an elastomeric, flexible foam noise control tape for residential and commercial construction.  Norton CST Tape is a sound deadening gasket not a glue or bonding tape. It has no open time limit or cure time like liquid adhesives.  Norton CST Tape has adhesive on one side and durable film on the other. The adhesive bonds to wood or steel. The standard thickness of the Norton CST Tape is 1/8.  It is a foam tape that will not squeeze out of joint. Norton CST Tape can be pre-applied directly to joists or studs. There is an application tool called the HA15 that can greatly increase production time.  Norton CST Tape pre-cut widths fit any joist or stud.  It has a durable, wear-resistant, low-friction layer on top.  Norton CST Tape closed cell foam does not mold or mildew.  There is over 15 years of proven history in the field
  • Optical Tapes

    • Edging pad solutions for a wide range of lens materials, machinery and coatings. Include specifically engineered pads for today’s new generation coatings. These products include the following:  OP7, SecurEdge OP5C series and the SecurEdge Plus OP44 series, and Norton Norfix.
  • ProtectION+

    • Wide thermally conductive product range, including silicone foam, polyurethane foam u0026amp; foam-in-place gasket. Ideal for packaging prismatic lithium ion cells.  These products are ProtectION+ PF35, ProtectION+ PF40, ProtectION+ SF50, ProtectION+ MPS, ProtectION+ DPL 1.0, ProtectION+ DPL 1.3, ProtectION+ DPL 3.0, ProtectION+ FIP744, u0026amp; ProtectION+  SF12
  • PTFE u0026amp; UHMW

    • Saint-Gobain/Norton is a leader in PTFE (similar to Teflon), as well as UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) resins that are high quality abrasion resistant films for many applications. Click on the link for a full description of our product offerings.
  • SolarBond for PV modules

    • Product range for applications in the manufacturing of photovoltaic modules include Solarbond Frame Tape u0026amp; Solarbond Junction Box Tape (J-Tape)
  • ThermaCool Thermal Interface Material

    • High performance thermally conductive gap filler solutions for difficult thermal management problems.
    • These products include:
      • R10404- a truly unique, thermally conductive, silicone sponge ideal for lithium-ion battery pack assemblies.
      • Gap Fillers such as the ThermaCool TC2006, ThermaCool TC3006, ThermaCool TC3008, ThermaCool TC100, ThermaCool TC3001, ThermaCool TC3005, and the ThermaCool R10404
      • Adhesive Tapes such as the ThermaCool TC6015, ThermaCool K275, ThermaCool K271, ThermaCool C675, ThermaCool C690, ThermaCool TC100U, u0026amp; the ThermaCool TR3-TR5
      • Thermally Conductive Silicone Coated Fabrics such as the TF1818, TF1867, TF1869, TF1870 u0026amp; TF400
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