Another form of moisture control is a water repellent. There are several different types of water repellents available, each suited for different substrates. A common misconception is that water repellents are also waterproof. In fact, water repellents are only resistant, not impervious to moisture. It is important to choose the proper system when protecting your building from moisture.

Water Repellents we distribute:

Hydrozo (BASF) – Enviroseal 20, 40, 7, Enviroseal Double 7 for Brick, Enviroseal PBT, Hydrozo 100, Hydrozo 100 Plus, Hydrozo Clear 40 VOC, Hydrozo Clear Double 7 VOC and Hydrozo Silane 40 VOC

Nox-crete – here are the following water-based silane sealers by Nox-crete:  Stifel GC, Stifel SC and Stifel VC

Chem-trete (Evonik) – these include products such as the Protectosil Chem-trete 40 VOC, Protectosil Chem-trete PB VOC, Protectosil Chem-trete  BP100, BSM 400, 40D, Protectosil Aqua-Trete 40, Protectosil AntiGraffiti (AG), Protectosil Aqua-Trete 20, SG, EM, BHN, BHN Plus and 300.

Euclid Chemicals- Euclid carries a wide range of concrete chemicals. Here are a few of their water repellents: Baracade Silane 100, Baracade Silane 40, Weatherguard, Chemstop WB, Baracade WB 244.

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