Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems is the leading innovator and manufacturer of specialty coatings for use by professionals in the design and construction industry. Over the last 25 years, Westcoat (formerly known as Life Deck) has continually pioneered new ideas and formulas specifically for waterproofing, epoxy, surface and texture coating systems.

Westcoats unique formulas tested through rigid applications in all environments have led to their line of coatings defined as Specialty Coating Systems. Made to adhere with long lasting, durable results, Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems are a new generation of coatings broken down into four distinct systems: Waterproof (WC), Epoxy (EC), Surface (SC), Texture (TC) coats.

-WP Category: ALX Waterproofing for plywood, MAcoat waterproofing for concrete, Undertile systems
-EC Category: Liquid Dazzle Metallic Epoxy, Epoxy Slurry, Liquid Terrazzo, Liquid Granite, Thin Film Epoxy Coatings, Dubro Epoxy Quartz
-SC Category: Concrete stains and Sealers, fast dye stains
-TC Category: Texture Crete, Stamp-It, Micro Topping, Self Leveling Cementitious Wearable Underlayment Smooth Floor finish.

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